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WSMST  -  Website Management and Search Tool

With WSMST Websites as well as Intranet-Sites can be managed. WSMST supports the user to arrange his documents and files systematically. Integral part of WSMST in addition to the management of the local web pages is its link-management which in interaction with its search facilities can turn the website in a small topical search engine.

Installation and Configuration

WSMST can be installed within an already existing website. Just as well it can be used to provide a basic tool for designing a new website.
Required for a successful installation is a running Apache-Server with support of Perl and PHP and the DBMS MySQL.

Page-management and Navigation

Especially sites which supply an information portal in a hierarchical way are appropriate to run with WSMST. Thematical associated pages can easily be organised and embedded in the hierarchical tree. Because WSMST already provides a basic navigation, the thematical pages usually don't need to have navigation elements on their own. In this way the separation of content- and layout-elements is promoted.


Insert, delete and edit of external links with WSMST always refers to the current folder. The links can be set easily at the place, they belong to, and thus can be an adequate extension to the local files in the same folder.

Search functionality in WSMST

The search function at a WSMST powered website supports by default the search in local as well as in all external pages which are referenced. The WSMST search robot is constantly running in order to check changes of the local website or in the external links and includes the changes in the searchbase of the WSMST-powered site. The robot-functions can be slowed down by changing configuration parameters in the case the server is overloaded. This may be necessary if the website contains many pages and a lot of links.


The access authorization for all administrative tasks is normally regulated about user-name and password. This also includes the entitlement for insert and edit of links and the upload of pages. However WSMST can also be configured to the effect that the user management is disabled and administrative tasks are possible for every visitor of the site. Obviously this is only recommended when the WSMST-managed site is running in an intranet.

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